Review of Vocalese: A Tribute to Chet Baker

Radha Thomas

A Tribute To Chet Baker

An excellent jazz singer from India who has spent time in New York, Radha Thomas pays tribute to Chet Baker on her new EP in the best possible way. She performs four standards which, after she sings the melody, find her performing her own vocalese to the trumpeter’s recorded solos. Mixing together complementary lyrics and scatting, she brings back the spirit of Chet Baker while being accompanied by Ron McClure (normally a bassist but making a rare appearance on piano), bassist Sri Viswanath, and drummer Vito Lesczak.

Radha Thomas’ deep voice, skills at composing lyrics and scatting, and solid swing make this EP (unfortunately only available as a download) a set that Chet Baker fans will enjoy.

Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian and author of 11 books including Trumpet Kings and The Jazz Singers”

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