You’ve Changed

You​’ve Changed is a very popular song from the 1940s, covered by vocalists from #BillieHoliday​ to #GeorgeMichael​, #EllaFitzgerald​ and #JoniMichell​. It is a most beautiful song that I learned many years ago.If you listen to a few versions you’ll see how it can be really grand and lush. I think our version is pretty stark, which allows me room to sing.

It’s one of those rare times I’ve been able to hijack @amanmahajan_ long enough to record something. He may live just a few streets down but he is one #SlipperyEel​, that fellow.

About 7 or 8 years ago he introduced my to @warsisahil one of the few upright bass players in India. He lived in Delhi then and had to fly down to for a gig with our band, bass and all. Since then he’s moved to Boston but these days it doesn’t matter where you go, the long arm of the internet can find you and make you play that bass, travel not necessary.

I’m so happy about that.

Hope you like listening.

jazztrio​ #jazzcover​ #jazzstandard​ #accousticbass​ #pianobassandvocal​ #jazzvocal

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