Trinkets and Things (2021)

#TrinketsAndThings​ was a song #RyoKawasaki​ and I wrote back in 1978 and recorded in 1979.

It’s a really pretty song and we did a very upbeat and very orchestral version that included many of #NYC​ top #JazzMusicians​ of the day. In 1979, When the album #MirrorOfMyMind​ came out, it was considered a fusion breakthrough or some such thing.

This 2021 edition is a #strippeddown​ and laid back version with #TomokoOhnoFarnham​ on piano and #MauroSereno​ (@mrsunnybass) on bass. I loved singing this with both of them so much and felt closer to the song than ever before.

I am so fortunate that I have been singing for almost 45 years now, professionally. I made up my mind to be a singer when I was about 5 or 6 and nothing has changed. But one day I am sure I won’t be able to, so I’m trying to pack it all in as fast as I can. I hope someone cracks this business of latency over the internet soon.

Would love to perform live with Mauro and Tomoko. Hope you like it.


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