You Don’t Know What Love Is

I find it odd that #YouDontKnowWhatLoveIs​ was originally written for an #AbbotAndCostello​ film back in 1941. It eventually appeared in another comedy film in 1942, but this is such a tragic song, I can hardly believe someone would hear the pathos in the tune and immediately say, ‘Oh let’s fall down a flight of stairs.’ Ha.

#MilesDavis​ played the tune in #1954​ on his album #Walkin​ and it became a jazz standard. Many iconic and inspirational singers have sung the song since. It has always been one of my favorites, the perfect ballad.

I am so happy to have found Michael Molloy in #London​ quite accidentally. And so delighted he wants to play music with me. I hope this goes on and on. Thanks Mike. And thanks to #AleRosenblat​ and #LautaroLunaBinder​ for putting the sound and video together from #Argentina


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