I Remember Clifford

Joe Giglio and Radha Thomas

Jazz has taught me a lot of things. Including the word ‘threnody’ which means ‘lament.’ It’s not a word I’d have come across if I hadn’t wanted to sing this song. #IRememberClifford is an instrumental jazz threnody written by jazz tenor saxophonist #BennyGolson in memory of #CliffordBrown with lyrics by the master #vocalese exponent #JonHendricks.

It is a lovely song to sing and moves me beyond words, I’m not sure why. The melody takes you to some very sad places.

Accompanying me on guitar is the wonderful guitar player Joe Giglio who lives in #NewYorkCity. I met him about a year ago at his home, where we just hung out for a few hours playing some standards with my cousin Teri Viswanath (Sri Viswanath), who is a bass player. It was such fun.

Then I came back here and well, Corona happened. I thought that was the end. But it’s most certainly not. We can play together as long as there’s a phone a guitar and a mic.

Hope you like it. And thanks so, so, so much Joe Giglio @joegig

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