Double Rainbow

Franco Donadio and Radha Thomas

What an amazing body of work from just one man #AntonioCarlosJobim.

This is one of his not so well-known songs called #DoubleRainbow. It started off by being an instrumental piece named #ChildrensGames when Jobim first wrote it. And yes, you can hear it in the playful melody. It was first recorded by the fabled Brazilian pianist and composer #EumirDeodato in 1970.

\In 1974 #GeneLees wrote the English lyrics and it was sung by lots of wonderful singers including #SarahVaughan and #KevinMahogany. Oddly, the Portuguese lyrics came later when Jobim renamed the song #ChovendoNaRoseira’ which means ‘Raining rose petals’ a line in the English version.

Jobim himself wrote the Portuguese lyrics. I don’t know Portuguese so I stuck to English.

I’m performing this song with Franco Donadio who is a guitar player from Buenos Aires in Argentina. I decided to add a little, tiny bit of Indian inflection into the tune for the heck of it. I mean, the original song writers are gone, so they can’t complain.

Besides, I often feel that music likes to be tortured. Wonder what you think?

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