I love living here

On stage, under the spotlight, with an audience in front and a band behind me, that’s where I like living most of all. I discovered this when I was a little kid and would sing for my mom’s friends. Today nothing has changed. That’s still my most favourite place to be. I think i live to sing and merely exist between gigs.

My band UNK is so marvellous. The constants are me, Aman Mahajan (piano, composition, arrangement, inspiration,  extension of my musical soul) and Ramjee Chandran (guitar and boyfriend).

But along the way we’ve had some wonderful musicians join us for performances, recordings and fun. Today the band features Rohit P on drums and Haripriya Narasimhan on bass, my first girl bass player.

Before them there have been so many wonderful musicians include Matt Littlewood (sax) , Mishko M’ba (bass), Suresh Bascara (Drums), Martin Visser (sax) , Tony Das (bass) , Keith Peters (Bass), Sahil Warsi (bass), Ron Cha (keys), Karan Joseph (keys), Anurag Naidu (keys), Tilu Hule (drums), Amit Mirchandani (drums), Prakash KN (bass), Rahul Gopal (drums).

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