On stage, under the spotlight, with an audience in front and a band behind me, that’s where I like living most of all. I discovered this when I was a little kid and would sing for my mom’s friends. Today nothing has changed. That’s still my most favourite place to be. I think i live […]

By Arjun Varma This distinctive jazz album from Bangalore based UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble has received accolade from the press and importantly, from peers of repute. It is of no mean significance that an Indian jazz album should find popularity among hard-core jazz radio stations across the USA. Over 100 radio stations across the […]

Neha Mujumdar, October 26, 2012, The Hindu, Metro Plus At the recent concert to mark the launch of UNK , a jazz album, I am busy tapping my feet, leaning forward in my seat, smiling to myself in enjoyment. A woman next to me has been staring for some time. I turn and smile, quizzically. […]