15 October 2012, turtok.com, Sunshine Bangalore based Band ‘UNK’ is led by Radha Thomas and the band members include Radha Thomas (vocals), album collaborator Aman Mahajan (piano), Matt Littlewood (saxophone), Mishko M’Ba (bass), Ramjee Chandran (guitar) and Suresh Bascara (drums). Radha thomas has performed with most of india’s leading jazz musicians and has three albums to […]

Jazz Mine, Mumbai 2002 Hopefully, the Indian Jazz Yatra will set a precedent. From Friday to Sunday, an array of bands hopped on to the Rang Bhavan stage, and treated the crowd to some enjoyable jazz. It was the first time that an all-Indian yatra was held, and going by its sheer purpose and spirit, […]

Back in 1974 when there were no cellphones, barely any computers, lots of live music and gigs that went on for 6 months at a stretch, we played at a place called The Wheels in Ambassador Hotel in Delhi. ‘We’ was Human Bondage, a rock band that is still remembered with fondness and nostalgia by […]