Back in 1974 when there were no cellphones, barely any computers, lots of live music and gigs that went on for 6 months at a stretch, we played at a place called The Wheels in Ambassador Hotel in Delhi. ‘We’ was Human Bondage, a rock band that is still remembered with fondness and nostalgia by people who were in their teens in 1974. People who remember our sets, the arrangements, the songs, even what I wore. I am so touched by this dedication and I bet all the bandwallas feel the same. There are a surprisingly large number of these Bondagers (akin to Boomers) and if one of them strays onto this page, it might be fun for you.

We had a friend called Chris who seems to have made a live recording of one of our sets and preserved it for some 40-odd years to put it out on Bandcamp. Thanks šŸ™‚

The band consisted of Suresh Shottam, Ramesh Shotham (brothers who couldn’t get the spelling of their last name right) Xerxes Gobhai, Steve Law, Vinty Bunyan and me. Babu Joseph was there too. The amazing Babu. Here’s a link to the music.


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  1. Fondly remember them when they played at Three Aces in Bangalore! We were a budding band too hiring Ahuja amps, and were completely gobsmacked by the equipment that HB had. Distinctly remember when they belted out Mony Mony on that little stage!šŸ˜Š
    Where are you all now?

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