One-Eyed Tripod Finds Unlikely Love

When I first Saakshi Kewalramani, she wasn’t quite 17 and she was already heavily into animal rescue, rehab, feeding and, fund raising. This is now almost two years later and Saakshi wants to be a veterinary surgeon. She is trying to gather practical experience before she joins school next year.  

This is the story of a little very mauled and mangled dog named Nexa that Saakshi found in the army quarters near where she lives. It’s the story of a struggle for life while losing an eye and a leg. 

It is most uncommon for puppies like that to find love and a home. 

But not if a clever plan is hatched so you can get presented to Saritha Hegde, who used to lead the fancy high-life working for Tommy Hilfiger until she chucked it all up to start a company (with her mothership – her words) called Not Just Hot, which produces bottled spices 

She is now the proud mommy Nexa who has been renamed of Munchi. Munchi is featured in the fabled Frazer Town 2022 calendar, draped on golden cushions and satin bed covers. She is a very fancy dog.

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