Bringing Lazarus Back From The Dead In Kodaikanal

Vera DeJong is an artist. And her husband George Penner is a baker and jam maker. They are not doctors. They haven’t been to vet school or nursing school. But if you listen to these stories, puppy after puppy, I swear you’ll want them by your side if your dog has a medical emergency. 

For a decade or more, with intuition, mindfulness, empathy, YouTube and Google, they have they’ve saved the lives of hundreds of puppies, because there was no vet available in those beautiful hills of Kodaikanal, in Tamil Nadu.

From bottle-feeding two-day old puppies, to learning how to insert GI tubes on YouTube, to bringing Lazarus back from the dead, Vera DeJong and George Penner have given many puppies a chance at life 

Of course, word gets around and people in Kodi (strangers and friends) have taken to dropping off abandoned litters at their house… just because they know Vera and George will handle it. 

For Vera it’s a (pardon the pun) ‘uphill’ battle, but she’s not giving up.

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