Would I Lie

Sahil Warsi, bass / Radha Thomas, voice / Shivraj Krishnan, konakol, beatboxing

While normally I write a song in a day or two, this one, ‘Would I Lie’ I started writing when u was about 19. It’s been percolating a while.

I finished it some 10 years ago, after meeting @aman.mahajan who has a way of completing my thoughts. We recorded it on our album #BangaloreBlues last year.

It’s not jazz for sure… can’t tell u what it is. For me it’s quite exciting because it features @thekonnakolbeatboxer who AKA @shivrajnatraj. And a total sweetie as well.

Although Shivraj lives in Bangalore, I haven’t met him in person. Playing bass from Boston is Sahil Warsi, whom I’ve known a while. Another darling who is gigging with some fancy cats up there.

Ale Rosenblat from Argentine certainly knows how to take rough tracks and turn them into something. I keep calling him a cement mixer, He tolerates it. Thanks Ale. And thanks Lautaro Luna Binder for putting the video together. He has remotely instructed me on lighting and distance and so many things. In short, I love all these guys.

This is a totally different type of song for me. Hope u like it

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