Lonely In New York

Maciek Szczyciński, bass / Michael Molloy, Piano / Radha Thomas, voice

#LonelyInNewYork is a sweet and lilting song that I really like.

I never thought I’d get over #Covid and actually sing again. It’s a little harder Après-C, but the joy, oh the joy. I think the fact that I have so many songs yet to sing is what kept me going for those two weeks, when I became a breathless, terror-stricken stranger.

This time I get to work with bass player Maciek Szczyciński from #Ustanów in #Poland and my lockdown friend and piano player Michael Molloy from #London, in #England.

Ale Rosenblat and Lautaro Luna Binder, thanks for being sweet, patient and just adorable. I am one lucky person. I will never forget that. .




#ApresC#coronajazz#intercontinentaljazz#jazzacrossoceans#jazztrio#Nomoresickness#herestosingingagain#jazzaboutNewYorkCity#rockefellerCenter#centralparknewyorkSHOW LESS

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