Giant Steps

Pavel Ershov, guitar / Maciek Szczyciński, bass / Radha Thomas, voice / Bartosz Mikolaj Nazaruk, drums

I wrote lyrics to this classic many, may years ago. Haven’t performed it live too often but this set up was too tempting.

Pavel Ershov on guitar from #russia, Maciek Szczyciński on bass and Bartosz Mikolaj Nazaruk on drums from #Poland. And me from #bangalore.

I decided to give it a nice, laid back swing. I mean, who said everything has to be at top speed? Right? It’s kind of fun to send files back and forth and see how music evolves across time zones and countries.

I know when I said ‘Giant Steps’ Pavel went wooooooo.

Ale Rosenblat and Lautaro Luna Binder from #Argentina thank you. You are so sweet and patient I really love you. Sound and visuals.




. #JohnColtrane #OriginalLyrics #jazzquartet #lockdownjazz #coronajazz #internationaljazz #jazzswing

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