Cry Me A River

Radha Thomas, voice / Pavel Ershov, Guitar

I love #JulieLondon who first sang #CryMeARiver in 1955, the year I was born. She was accompanied by #BarneyKessel, monster guitar player.

So I feel this is a pretty apt little tribute to the sound of the guitar and the voice together, two of the most perfect combos in the world. Like bread and butter, you know?

Pavel Ershov I’m so happy I found you. Really, truly. I hope we can actually play live one day together. Or maybe leave well enough alone? I dunno. It’s all so iffy with this virus.

And Ale Rosenblat and Lautaro Luna Binder thanks for putting it together and putting up with me.

Hope you like it.




#JazzStandards #guitarandvoice #jazzvocal #coronajazz #internationaljazz #jazzacrosstheworld

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