Trinkets & Things

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Featuring Radha Thomas (Shottam) and Ryo Kawasaki who collaborated from 1977 onwards until about 1979, there were many performances and recordings. This one is particularly interesting.
This limited-edition cassette contains four tracks taken from demo tapes and live performances dating back to 1977. Kawasaki explains, “… actually how I got my hands on these were that at the time we recorded those demos and live recordings of our gigs, Radha sent copy of cassette tapes to her Mom in India, and in 2015 when her Mom passed away she found those cassette tapes in her Mom’s possession and made a digital file out of it and sent it to me then I remastered as much as I could, but it was almost 40 years old cassette tape without any noise reduction etc, so it was limited what I could do with them. But Trinkets demo was actually sent to my producers in Japan Japan to get approval of this song to be included in my Mirror of My Mind album in 1979.”

Songs from this Demo later appeared in Mirror Of My Mind.


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