Street Dog


Music: The Crusaders
Lyrics: Radha Thomas  

She was a street dog, sad and hungry life alone

A street dog, that I hugged and made my own

That street dog, she will always have a bone

Street dog, now she’ll never sigh and moan

She’s got a special bark, I love to hear her talk

I take her for a walk, along the streets, the park

Sometimes in the night, she’ll run away from me

When she thinks she’s seen, an old friend or family

Street dog / Such a sweet dog / Meet my street dog / Loves her treat dog


She’s my street dog, she knows I love her so

A street dog, I will never let her go

Street dog, makes me smile when I am low

My street dog, even if she bites my toe

Shining like a flame, and I have staked my claim

But just because she has my name, it doesn’t mean she’s tame

She comes in thru the door, and lays upon the floor

And then she starts to snore, I find I love her more and more

Street dog / Can’t be beat dog / My complete dog / Sugar sweet dog









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