Spiritual Jazz


By Ayesha Tabassum

She’s an author, jazz vocalist, band leader and mother to a 27-year-old – but not in that order. Right now, the irrepressible Radha Thomas is floating in spiritual space because her album I Only Have Eyes For You has been playing across 100 radio stations.

Radha, who was trained in Hindustani classical under Kumar Gandharva himself before venturing into fusion, says she never expected it to be such a hit even with jazz peers like Ron McClure — best known as the bass player of the band Blood, Sweat and Tears.

She happened to discover her pianist Aman Mahajan online and realised he lived just around the corner about two years ago, after which they worked for a yearand-a-half and then recorded the album.

The other interesting fact that is one of the best kept secrets of the album is that Thomas penned the first song Call when she was just 19.

“It’s a kind of spiritual song, no matter which religion you belong to, the song belongs to you,” says Thomas, who is already planning the photoshoot and recording of her next album which begins in July.



Appeared in Mumbai Mirror,


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