When Sidharth Bhatia contacted me about a year ago armed with a bunch of probing questions about my life as a rock’n’roll singer in the band Human Bondage some two centuries ago (well, I exaggerate, it was in the mid-70s), frankly, I was astonished. “I’m writing a book about rock’n’roll in India, back in the […]

Excuse Bangalore artistes Radha Thomas and Aman Mahajan if they seem a little hurried while performing at Take 5 in Indiranagar on April 25. The duo that comprises musical outfit ‘2 For The Road’ will be rushing to The Piano Man on May 10, in Delhi next, and then boarding a flight to Romania. They will be […]

   Yesterday I met Jimi Hendrix. For real. And he turned out to be very different from the Jimi I thought I knew. Considering how close we’d been. Hell, the first thing I ever learnt to play on my gittar (left-handed) was the bass line to Hey Joe. And it wasn’t till years later that […]

November 24, 2013 Swati Daftuar, The Hindu, Chennai, Metro Plus Writer and musician Radha Thomas on authoring a trilogy, juggling different creative pursuits and being part of The Hindu Lit for Life Radha Thomas seems to have done it all, or at least a lot. After writing a column on the sexes, putting together her […]

By Ayesha Tabassum She’s an author, jazz vocalist, band leader and mother to a 27-year-old – but not in that order. Right now, the irrepressible Radha Thomas is floating in spiritual space because her album I Only Have Eyes For You has been playing across 100 radio stations. Radha, who was trained in Hindustani classical […]

Do I like Bangalore? Hmmm, I have to think about that one. I used to love it. Especially, when I first arrived here about twenty years ago, even though I didn’t know a soul. Everyone was friendly and warm and the streets were empty and cool. I remember getting lost in Malleswaram (where my family […]