Kangaro’s cat and mouse games

It’s confounding. It’s frustrating. It’s wasteful. It’s meaningless.

And if you’re not from around here, (India that is) you’re probably howling in pain each time the sharp end of one of them sticks you in the finger.

No one’s bothered to explain the mystery to you? No problem. I take it upon myself to unravel the reasons for the Top Secret Security Clearance that surrounds your daily snail mail.

Have you wondered why these envelopes and their contents are stapled so tightly together, often eight or nine times, ensuring that the journey into the content is fraught with peril?

Party invitations in silver and gold stapled so firmly together, that by the time you’ve peeled of the last one, the people have all gone home and the cleaning crew has taken over?

Credit card bills shielded from easy viewing so unmistakably that it can mean only one thing: You don’t have to pay up!

Bank statements sealed so securely, that you can hardly be blamed for thinking they’ve run away with all your money and want to buy a little time before you find out.

Brochures from holiday resorts destroyed by safety measures that seem to say, “Don’t come here. It’s dangerous.”

It’s becoming more and more evident as my mountain of paper mail gets larger each day: There’s a big conspiracy going on in India to keep you away from information that may be useful.

Making Kangaro (the largest manufacturer of staples in India) the only winners in this game of cat and mouse.

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