My mother used to call me “Kozhukattai” which could have meant “you sweetheart, adorable pumpkin pie” or depending on her mood it could have meant “fatso.” In Tamil, my mother’s tongue, “Kozhu kozhu” is an affectionate way of saying someone is chubby. The Kozhukattai is a fairly average-tasting delicacy that my brother Atul and I […]

  October 1, 2014, Explocity Guide It was pouring rain. The SO (Significant Other) and I found ourselves without our car. We tried Uber, Meru, Taxi For Sure and other instant millennial transport solutions, but you know how it is… things don’t usually work when you need them most. Braving angry winds and SOs scowl, […]

I wouldn’t call myself a poet although I write words that rhyme. I’m a songwriter. I can hide behind the music. I can emote and stretch words, I can repeat for emphasis, create drama and generally make people forget the stupidity of producing melodramatic drivel like, Would I lie for you? Would I cry for […]

By Isha Sharma Get ready to jazz it up as this Bangalore-based band performs at a music festival in the city UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble, will be performing in the city tomorrow. Formed two and-a-half years back, the band features Matt Littlewood, from the UK, on the saxophone, Aman Mahajan on keyboards, Ramjee Chandran […]

Bhagya, our resident gourmet chef, mood-lifter, angst buster and housekeeper all rolled into one is still ill. It’s been five days now, and things are falling apart. Besides bringing in the newspaper in the morning (on crutches), I now have to make my own tea. I also have to count the number of clothes sent […]