Mr Spock & Ms Divya Patrol The Streets of RMV2 Looking For Hungry Dogs

Doctor Lee is a Korean acupuncture / acupressure specialist, who was introduced to me by a friend. I’m having some awful hip issues and figured I’d give it a shot. 

As it turned out, despite the excruciating pain of his Korean Torture (he laughed when I called it that) the problem didn’t go away. I think it was by way of distraction, but he kept talking to me while he twisted and prodded and poked and pulled, also asking me to talk about myself. 

In the middle of some heartfelt yelps, I  mentioned this doggie podcast and he got very excited. That’s when he told me about Divya Rao. 

He said that although she had a low pain threshold (apparently she brought the roof down during a Lee session), she had a very kind heart and fed more than 70 dogs each and every day. 

This intrigued me immensely and I texted her. As it turns out ,she is an absolute darling and she’s deeply and irrevocably immersed in the world of dog rescue, rehab, feeding, sterilization, vaccination and so on. It’s now down to a science, since she is taking care of not only the stomach, but the heart and soul of so many animals. 

I’m hoping to meet her in person one of these days.

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