Grammy Winner Ricky Kej’s Legal Battles For A Street Dog

Ricky Kej is one of the few Indians who’s ever won a Grammy in music. It’s a huge deal. And a huge honour to have him wandering in our midst here in Bangalore, shedding inspiration and encouragement to other musicians as he walks the streets of the city.

He’s not shedding alone. Because Ricky has two dogs, shedding right alongside him.

Both of them were quite literally rescued by him before his neighbours tossed them out for various reasons. He doesn’t think of them with hatred in his heart – as I would (his neighbours). He’s altogether too kind-hearted, in my opinion. You’ll see what I mean as we start talking.  

He loves The Indie Dog (not the pod cast, although I hope he does) but the actual dog we call the Indie. He has been a lone and successful crusader for the indie dog, long before he won any Grammy, long before he became famous, back in 2009. He’s kinda did the impossible… changed the system and the attitude legally, setting a precedent in law.

 It’s odd because although I’ve met Ricky on several occasions, a friend’s place, I never knew his how he felt about dogs. We would usually talk about music and videos and other things that interest us both.  

He’s a very funny guy and usually has me in stitches. But then I saw some pictures on his insta, with his dog in the pool. The dog was a goldie… but something told me there was more to it. 

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