Don’t Listen If You HAve A Weak Stomach: Archana Sreenivasan and Durga The Dog That Beat All Odds

Warning: this is a very graphic and heartbreaking story. You may not be able to stomach the details. Just saying. It’s a story about medical and surgical heroism combined with human beings who refused, point blank, to let a streetie go.

I’m talking to Archana Sreenivasan today. She’s an artist, illustrator and animal rescuer. She used to be a resident of Cooke Town, and an active feet-on-the-street member of the Frazer Town Canine Squad… But at one point, sometime during the pandemic, when the numbers of streeties seemed to be growing beyond imagination… and if you are part of this community… you know what I mean… she reached a point where she had to stop. She was overwhelmed by the activity and the non-stop demands on her.

But this is not a story about Archana’s breaking point. 

It’s about a doggie named Durga (named after the warrior goddess) who has defied many, many, many odds to live a lovely life with her mommy Archana.

I hope this story inspires you… and if you can’t listen it fully, spoiler alert, there’s a happy ending.

And we’re also talking to our favourite animal rights lawyer Alwyn Sebastian who simplifies the process of filing an FIR

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