Citizen’s Activism And The Indie Dog: Why The Two Go Tail In Hand

Harini Raghavan is an HR professional with a deep passion for animals. She is extremely active in advocating for the rights of animals. That’s another way of saying, she lobbies and cajoles and pleads with the government to do their job, please, did you hear me say please.

Harini and a few other people set up Citizens for Animal Birth Control (ABC), which is an organization.  The key here is not the word ‘organization’ but the word ‘Citizens.’ 

Because it is mandated by the government that ABC must be carried out locally in each city by the authorities… in our case, the BBMP. There are funds allocated for this and there is plenty of know-how on methods to do it effectively.

But it ain’t happening. At least, not with the kind of systematic and single-minded focus that is needed. And so reproduction continues to happens under our noses, because all it takes is one sperm.

If u consider that one female can, conservatively, litter twice a year in the course of its lifetime of reproductive capability, of say 6 years. that’s at least 12 puppies x 6 years or 72 puppies per female. It boggles the mind to think of where that will lead. 

Harini says there are still 3 hundred thousand dogs in this city that need to be sterilized. She’s asking for only 70% of that to be fulfilled. It will make a dent, she feels. 

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