Body And Soul

Akshada Krishnan, piano and Radha Thomas, voice

Ladies and gentlemen, jazz is alive and well in Bangalore and not only that, it’s growing. So, so, so happy to be singing #BodyAndSoul this song with Akshada Krishnan, who is one of Aman Mahajan’s stellar students. We met a couple of years ago as she was beginning to learn jazz piano… and would come over home to just jam and play.

Those were the days when musicians hung around our house for hours happily. Akshada is also a total and absolute darling. Her friends call her ‘Shady’ and although I’m her friend, I refuse to do that.

Akshada is 24. The same age that Aman was when I met him some 10 years ago. Clearly she is a talented and gifted sponge who is going to go places before you know it. She probably would already be there if not for pandemics and such.

Hope you like it




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