Born To Be Blue

Larry Corban and Radha Thomas

I first heard #BornToBeBlue sung by #HelenMerrill on an album which featured #CliffordBrown. I listened to that album hundreds of times and I know every single song on it.

Until I heard Helen Merrill (in the mid 70s) I think I’d thought that jazz had to be sung at top volume with heavy duty dynamics and acrobatics if you wanted people to acknowledge your prowess. The things one imagines when one doesn’t know anything.

But I also remember the fabulous Asha Puthli setting me straight on yelling. For this I will forever be grateful. Both of us were in NY at the time, she was a big star and I was vainly trying to follow in her footsteps.

Then I heard #ChetBaker sing. And #JulieLondon. And a new sensibility about singing washed over me.

This is really one of my most favourite blues songs because it’s more green than blue, if you know what I mean. Raw with the notes and not so predictable.

It was written by #MelTormé, another singer who continues to inspire me and #RobertWells.The song is older than me, as indeed are most of the songs I sing these days except the one’s I write myself.

Accompanying me on guitar this time is #NewYorkerLarry Corban whom I met online through another New Yorker. It’s good to know New Yorkers.Hope you like it.

PS: On a different subject @ramjeechandran, aren’t you nervous that I’m openly cheating on you with so many guitar players?

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