The Birds Are Getting Louder

I was trying to write lyrics to a melody that was playing in my head and I couldn’t hear myself think.

It was the birds outside.

Cackling, cawing, chirping, #tweeting and generally creating what I can only describe as strange, symphonic, cacophonic avian prose.

@RamjeeChandran put the chords together since I mostly know only A,D & E. I hope you like the song.


The birds outside my window, getting louder by the day
A tribe of sparrows quarrels till I shoo, shoo them away
Well right behind up close I hear a murder of crows
A strange symphonic, cacophonic, avian prose

Mosque and temples, churches standing quiet, empty and still
For once it seems religion’s lost its tongue, maybe its will
On the street no traffic sounds
No honking of the horns
In this eerie silence, now it’s clear, that nobody has won

We’re locked down every day
There’s no getting away
Nobody can change
The situation so they say
We’re waiting for a sign
No, it’s not divine
Just wish someone would say
We’re back to being benign

I can’t tell today from yesterday, or the day before
Stuck inside I’ve got no freedom, feel like a prisoner of war
I ache for the heart of the street
The dust and the bustle of feet
By the time this thing is done,
I fear that I’ll be obsolete

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