Winter is Here

Ryo Kawasaki, Radha (Shottam) Thomas, 1979

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Thoughts that freeze
Flakes hang in the air
Winter is here
And with it’s ghosts
Warmth so vague
In a dream yet to come
In the depths of thought

Though it’s true
Cold, becomes a part
Of human change
I cannot bear when the air,
Raging wild without care
makes my senses bare

Streets that echo hurt
Summertime, a mirage
I don’t need all the sunshine, only warmth
No appearance, just the truth
If it’s true, that the time, yet to come, isn’t far, and the sun, will shine,
And winter will have died

I have tried
Ways, to beat the ice
But I always find,
The sleet and rain
Numb my brain
In a game with no name
And I always lose

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