They’re nothing like Scylla and Charibdis, in case you’re wondering that this is a story about a Greek tragedy or perhaps some impossible conundrum for which there is no solution. Not at all. Posset and syllabub are two desserts me and old SO (my Significant Other) came across quite accidentally one day, when we eschewed […]

Do I like Bangalore? Hmmm, I have to think about that one. I used to love it. Especially, when I first arrived here about twenty years ago, even though I didn’t know a soul. Everyone was friendly and warm and the streets were empty and cool. I remember getting lost in Malleswaram (where my family […]

To tell you the truth, I have no idea how my son Stefan is still alive and breathing.  I remember wailing hysterically at the nurses in the hospital as soon as he was born, because he wouldn’t eat. “Relax,” they told me calmly. “Give him a moment. Babies know what to do.” It was pure […]

Like many people in Bangalore who love cricket, yesterday, April 23, was a day that I will never forget. I wasn’t at the stadium because I don’t like crowds. But I do love my living room. With the HDTV and the rewind and the room service. I joyously watched Chris Gayle play such an amazing […]

Black and white in Bangalore A couple of days ago, Naresh Fernandes, tireless researcher, journalist and author of Taj Mahal Foxtrot (a book that looks back in time at the jazz scene in India) posted a beautiful piece of music in the newly formed online group, ‘JazzInBangalore’ on what else, Facebook. “Group’ used to be […]

By Isha Sharma Get ready to jazz it up as this Bangalore-based band performs at a music festival in the city UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble, will be performing in the city tomorrow. Formed two and-a-half years back, the band features Matt Littlewood, from the UK, on the saxophone, Aman Mahajan on keyboards, Ramjee Chandran […]