The discovery of MAN is never-eding, and the world is a very big place…

You’re a girl from the land of the Kamasutra. And everyone expects your love skill to comprise the acrobatic, the inventive, the superlative. You try, of course, to gamely meet the baffling requirements of the men who walk in and out of your life. But how much can you really do, when your investments yield minimum returns and maximum weirdness? When your mother’s words keep ringing in your head: “You need a least five men to fulfil you, sweetie. Remember Draupadi?”

From starry-eyed crushes to lustful longings, from Catholic convents to raucous nightclubs, from boarding-school bloomers to the Open Butterfly G-string, from lovers to stalkers to philanderers – Radha Thomas takes you on a crazy ride through Mumbai, Delhi, Beijing, Rotorua and New York, in the age-old quest for The One.

A wickedly funny and flirtatious book about that mysterious thing called love, Men on My Mind is a delicious mix of sex, adventure and discovery that you must not resist.

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