When Sidharth Bhatia contacted me about a year ago armed with a bunch of probing questions about my life as a rock’n’roll singer in the band Human Bondage some two centuries ago (well, I exaggerate, it was in the mid-70s), frankly, I was astonished. “I’m writing a book about rock’n’roll in India, back in the […]

   Yesterday I met Jimi Hendrix. For real. And he turned out to be very different from the Jimi I thought I knew. Considering how close we’d been. Hell, the first thing I ever learnt to play on my gittar (left-handed) was the bass line to Hey Joe. And it wasn’t till years later that […]

To tell you the truth, I have no idea how my son Stefan is still alive and breathing.  I remember wailing hysterically at the nurses in the hospital as soon as he was born, because he wouldn’t eat. “Relax,” they told me calmly. “Give him a moment. Babies know what to do.” It was pure […]

  Asian Age, Sunday Feb 10, 2012 Review of Vikas Swaroop’s ‘Accidental Apprentice’   Radha Thomas By Vikas Swarup Rs. 350   Injustice. Redemption. Evil. Good. Right. Wrong. Wretchedness. Chance. Good fortune. Much like the saga of the luckless Jamal Malik in the superhit phenomenon Slumdog Millionaire, based on the book Q&A by Vikas Swarup, […]