Some time ago I read a really nice article by Saritha Rai in the global edition of the NYT called ‘Hairdressers Fight Caste Prejudice With Upscale Salons.’ It talked about Bangalorean barbers who have shed caste and discrimination, poverty and illiteracy to drive around in Rolls Royces visiting salon after salon in their chain […]

  October 1, 2014, Explocity Guide It was pouring rain. The SO (Significant Other) and I found ourselves without our car. We tried Uber, Meru, Taxi For Sure and other instant millennial transport solutions, but you know how it is… things don’t usually work when you need them most. Braving angry winds and SOs scowl, […]

I’ve owned a cell phone for as long as I can remember. From the previous century, actually. It went from getting no calls (back in the late 90s, when it was very expensive and clunky to own and operate a mobile phone) to a few calls from friends and families as the century turned the […]