Just Friends

It’s the #10thAnniversary of #InternationalJazzDay (in a few hours) and I thought I’d celebrate by posting this newest video made with two of the sweetest friends I have never met.

According to the #UnitedNations, they did it “to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe.” It is so true. Because of jazz, I’ve got friends in parts of the world I may never visit, but friends who will be mine forever.

The song is #JustFriends and on guitar it’s Pavel Ershov and on bass Mauro Sereno(@mrsunnybass). #Russia meets #Italy and #India while observing strict #lockdownprotocols. I wrote #Vocalese lyrics to #ChetBaker’s famous #trumpet solo on this tune, and I will continue to write words to his most beautiful solos as long as I still remember my vocabulary.

As always, thanks to Ale Rosenblat for the sound and Lautaro Luna Binder for the visuals. They really are wonderful. And they are all the way in #Argentina. The UN wasn’t kidding. I hope you like this song, I loved singing it.




.#jazztrio #guitarbassvocals #uprightbass #jazzguitar #jazzvocal #meetingacrossoceans #coronajazz #jazzontheinternet #jazzvideosacrosstheworld #themusicneverstops

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