Like many people in Bangalore who love cricket, yesterday, April 23, was a day that I will never forget. I wasn’t at the stadium because I don’t like crowds. But I do love my living room. With the HDTV and the rewind and the room service. I joyously watched Chris Gayle play such an amazing […]

Monday, April 22, 2013. Asian Age / Deccan Chronicle “When I’m writing, I don’t read anyone else. And when I’m composing I won’t listen to anyone else either. I feel it may compromise me.” Radha Thomas has spent her life obsessing… about jazz. Writing. Men. Getting the most out of a toothpaste tube. Her son. […]

    There’s a big shortage of whey protein power in Bangalore. You know, the stuff we muscle-bound, body-building types need every day. GNCs, gyms, stores seem to be fresh out. Everyone’s working out, it looks like. But our driver Manju is a clever chap and he’s made friends with a guy who knows someone […]

So I decided to write a song. Another one. This time what moved me wasn’t the backbeat, or complex chord harmonies. It was the sizzle and smell of a dosai. That oily, artery-clogging, carb-filled, nutritionally-challenged, pure veggie mouthful of heaven that is served up at breakfast time in many South Indian homes, so their little children can […]