Contemporary jazz in its many avatars is catching the fancy of Generation Now, says Tania Bhattacharya It has been a frenetically busy season for jazz duo Adil & Vasundhara. They’ve entertained audiences at two festivals in France and swung by to play in festivals in countries like Turkey and Bulgaria, that aren’t usually thought of as […]

Radha Thomas, vocalist of the band UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble, speaks to Prerna Sharma about the growing awareness of jazz 14 Mar 2013 Jazz is no more the recent craze in our country. Thanks to increasing number of music and dance festivals that the genre is widely popular among people of all age groups. […]

Black and white in Bangalore A couple of days ago, Naresh Fernandes, tireless researcher, journalist and author of Taj Mahal Foxtrot (a book that looks back in time at the jazz scene in India) posted a beautiful piece of music in the newly formed online group, ‘JazzInBangalore’ on what else, Facebook. “Group’ used to be […]